Trixie and Dental

Trixie Delight and Dental Drill both create music from field recordings and found sounds, however their finished creations are quite different. They also run The Committee For Sonic Research (TCFSR), the Woking based audio label with a global reach.

Trixie and Dental produce three shows for Radio Woking on Sundays at 7pm.

On the first Sunday of the month Trixie and Dental present ‘The Comfy Show’ in which they feature independent music, from bedroom recordings to outsider artists, with a focus on experimental, noise, shoegaze and electronic sounds.

‘ALSO with Dental Drill’ is on the third Sunday of the month. Dental shares a variety of ambient, longform, soundscape and other music not often heard on radio, mostly due to the length of the tracks.

Some months have an extra Sunday. This is when you can listen to ‘5th Sunday’ when Dental Drill presents a wide range of not-pop, guitar stuff, electronica, world music, a bit of jazz and blues and anything else that he can find buried in his collection covering music from over half a century.