Kieran Cooke

Join me as we go ‘Crossing The Tracks’ every Monday night! From music you know to music you don’t know and music you really ought to know! Check out the best new and undiscovered artists, and revisit all sorts of stuff from years gone by. Visit ‘Cookie’s Jazz and Blues Club’, broaden your classic rock education in the ‘Rockschool’ and be the first to hear Radio Woking’s ‘Track Of The Week’! It’s the home of real music every Monday night from 8pm to 10pm.

 I’ve always loved music, and always loved radio. As a kid I was mesmerised by the sounds coming out of the little transistor set on the sideboard. I’ve been involved in hospital radio non-stop since 1986, with Epsom Hospital Radio and Radio Frimley Park . In the mid 90’s I was part of the Eclipse FM cable radio team in South West London. I presented a weekend breakfast show, and later took hold of the ‘Rock Show’…one memorable highlight was spending a very surreal night at an Iron Maiden album launch party…everything you imagine is true!

 As well as my passion for radio I’m a semi professional guitarist, currently in a covers band, and have played everything from heavy metal to 70’s funk and 60’s pop.

 Looking forward to catching up on Monday! It’s not so much a radio show as a chat in a record shop…