Starting Summer Right: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Craig David & Sigma

Roll up! Roll up! Summer is here and with it, a plethora of new songs to bang on your eardrums and put a smile on your face. At least that’s the theory. I’m here to guide you through it and sort the tunes from the Trumps (as in the Donald kind not the other kind you rude person!). Each week I’ll bring you three songs that I first played on my show Something For Everyone, which you can listen live to every Saturday 12-2 or catch the Podcast For Everyone on the Radio Woking Mixcloud right here:

Our first number comes courtesy of those stadium filling superstars The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Except…. It kind of doesn’t. Their new single “Dark Necessities” is a more sombre, brooding affair with a drawn out intro that makes you question if you’re accidentally listening to an indie song. As soon as Flea’s distinctive bass lands front and centre of the track at about forty seconds in, nostalgia carries you forward and allows you to enjoy KiRed-Hot-Chili-Peppers-The-Getaway-Album-Downloadedis’ vocals layered over some really quiet pensive lyrics delivered jarringly fast. It took me by surprise. For a first single to an album that has reportedly been in the works for two years and ahead of a worldwide festival tour (Including Reading & Leeds by the way), you would think The Chilies would want to open with a crowd pleasing, dramatic guitar number vis-a-vis, Danny California. But no. Here we’re sticking with a solid bass riff alongside a very minimalistic piano tune and some claps (presumably there for the live shows) to tie it altogether. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a great Chili Peppers song, but more one for an afternoon in the garden then sticking on your party playlist. It makes me excited for what they’ve saved for the full album release on June 17th.

Dark Necessities:

Someone who is sticking to formula is no other than the king of comeback, Craig David, whose new single “One More Time” dropped on the 19th of May. You can hear modern grime music’s influence in some of the Craig-David-One-More-Time-2016-2480x2480-600x600slang (incorporating more “mandem” and less “honey”) but essentially if you have heard any other Craig David track, you have heard this one. Again that’s not a bad thing but I suspect the title is less to do with the lyrical composition or deep seated affection Mr. David has for a some long lost love and more to do with being able to sing “One More Time” repeatedly to crowd of screaming ravers. It even incorporates the same “bounce” sting used in his last outing “When The Bassline Drops” which I would rate better in terms of variability and floor fillery-ness. You’ll hear this everywhere this summer, hell I’m probably going to be playing it lots on my show in the coming weeks but don’t be surprised if you completely forget about it by October.

One More Time:

One song you absolutely won’t forget though, purely because you’ll remember the first time you thought “Huh!? THOSE two made a song together???”, Is “Cry” by Sigma featuring Take That (no I didn’t mistype) on vocals. Here we have the Game of Thrones-esque marriage of two powerhouses with House That bringing to the table a strong vocal composition that harmonises well with the fast paced drum & bass tune provided by sigma-cry-take-that-2House Sigma. The chorus is infectiously catchy and surprisingly easy to sing along to with Garry Barlow’s lead tone being very distinguishable from the wild backdrop. The verses follow the same downbeat melodic breaks that we’ve come to know and love in Sigma records, except this time round they could almost pass for a Take That single if they weren’t immediately followed up with a the pounding rhythm of a dance tune. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s my personal song of the summer yet, but there’s a reason the dance duo chose to release this track now, ahead of their biggest tour to date. That reason is simply the force behind the vocals, the beat and indeed all those ravers who will dancing the nights away all summer long.