MTZ “Well Shave My Beard” – The End!!

Hello to all in Radio land!! Some photos to give an impression of what I look like with the whiskers.

This week on the Musical Twilight Zone I’m playing tracks from UK’s Top 40 on this day 31st January throughout the last 50yrs or so. Plenty for me to choose from. Mind you the requests have been flying in over the last couple of weeks so you’ll have to tune in to find out what’s playing.

Over the last few months I have been sporting facial hair (Beard) to raise money for the Salvation Army Charity via  Just Giving. Today’s my last!!!! With that and the fact I’m not drinking alcohol I in the mood to PARTY! Always drinking  responsibly (coffee, hot or cold water) I certainly know how to live on the Wild side!

So join me and my listeners “The Commuter Crew” for a fun filled two hours requests online tweet @radiowoking