Lara Mcnamee

Lara McNamee presents the Lara on Sunday 9am to 12 Noon show. With its magazine style format; Lara is regularly joined by industry experts and thought leaders from areas such as cooking & baking; gardening, money saving, community and charity news, environmental matters, theatre, cinema, local authors & artists & lots more.

With regular interviews from a wide array of people in and around the local community; Lara particularly loves to showcase new music & artists on her show.

‘For me, it’s about bringing people together on many different subject matters, and sharing it back to the local (and wider) community, through the power of radio’.

A stand out moment for Lara has been the interview she did with the first woman of Rock; Suzi Quatro – Suzi gave Lara an insight into her world, whilst sharing some pretty personal moments in her life to date!

Lara is a senior social media; brand & content marketing advocate both on a personal and professional level.

She is engaged to fellow Radio Woking Wednesday 7am to 9am breakfast Presenter, Jon Andrews.

Lara also loves 70s; and 80s music ‘some people wonder where my love of 70s music – especially TRex – comes from, I have my parents good taste to thank for that.

Follow Lara on Twitter @comedytiming