Zahir presents the We Love Woking Show every Wednesday from 8-10pm here on Radio Woking.
Both having grown up around Woking, they are very passionate about the place and they love to discover, learn and share all the great things people from the area are involved in.


PhotoGrid Year 1

Zahir’s spaceship crash landed in Maybury in 1978. Since then he has been pretending he is normal, which he finds quite hard sometimes (as you will hear). He has worked in retail and sales in the past, and is now a local taxi driver as well as a Jedi Knight.

Each week is another adventure, as they wing it through in their own unique style, to bring you a fun filled, random and sometimes crazy show.

They have a guest in the first hour, and the second hour is spent mentioning local events and happenings and other random things.

With the show and the guests who come on, Jackie and Zahir hope to inspire and encourage everyone to follow their dreams and ideas, and to
go for it…whatever it is they may want to do.

Photogrid Year 3

They joined Radio Woking in October 2014 (as total beginners to broadcasting), and in their first year they have had over 50 guests from all backgrounds and walks of life. This has included people who have started their own businesses, local charities and organisations, local musicians, artists, residents associations and loads more!

They’re still beginners, still learning, but having loads of fun doing it!

Join them Every Wednesday 8-10pm, as they discover The People, The Places and The Passion that makes Woking and All Our Villages so Great!